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Have You Heard the Politically Correct Christmas Carols? 'B.S. of A.' Clips Have You Covered


TheBlaze TV's comedy show, "The B.S. of A." released three new holiday-themed clips on Sunday.

The first begins with host Brian Sack dressed as an elf, testifying before Congress. Discussing his boss's "naughty or nice" list, Sack explains how they determine who goes where.

"We have various surveillance methods and a network of informants that would become useless if they were made public," he says with a bright-eyed smile.

But soon after that, when Sack says that giving those on the "naughty" list a lump of coal is really a euphemism for "hitting them with a hellfire missile from a predator drone," you realize his boss may ​not​ be Santa Claus.

Watch the entire clip, below:

The second clip, from the puppet skit "Pumpernickel Boulevard," shows Sack hearing revised, all-inclusive Christmas carols.

After "Oh Come All Ye People" the puppet carolers begin a revised "Joy to the world" that incorporates not only the Christian Lord, but Muhammad, Confucius, Martin Luther, and Tom Cruise.

"Have yourself a merry little winter," they continue to sing, "make the Yuletide gay, or straight, or bi, or whatever it's comfortable being..."

When Sack notes that holidays apparently now have genders, the puppet responds that it can have whatever gender it wants to, and it's not really for him to judge.

"Okay, well I'm going to go hang some mistletoe...and myself," Sack mutters as the carolers begin "On the First Day of Kwanza."

Watch it all, below:

The last clip, titled "Candy Cane Conference," gives us a peek inside a hypothetical business meeting with candy cane executives.  As the staff discusses how excited they are that candy canes will be everywhere now that it's the holiday season, Sack presents a study that shows "nobody" actually likes candy canes.

One employee protests, but they soon agree that-- from the plastic wrapping to the chemical flavor to their tendency to break and crumble-- candy canes aren't an ideal snack.

Check out their potential solutions, below:

“The B.S. of A.” airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on TheBlaze TV.




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