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700th Issue of 'Amazing Spider-Man' Comic Reveals 'Epic Turn' for Peter Parker -- Some Fans Are Upset


"Why does Marvel hate Peter Parker so much?"

Editor's Note: Spoiler alert of story line below. 

PHILADELPHIA (TheBlaze/AP) -- After 50 years of spinning webs and catching a who's who of criminals, Peter Parker is out of the hero game.

The 700th - and final - issue was released Wednesday, and title editor Stephen Wacker says "The Amazing Spider-Man" series ends with a defining death and birth meshed among the Spidey mythos. Wacker said the teen from Queens has been put in every possible situation, except this ultimate one.

This is the cover for the 700th "Amazing Spider-Man" Comic. (Photo: Marvel)

Dan Slott, who's been writing the Marvel Comics character for the better part of the last 100 issues, calls it "an epic turn."

Peter Parker became Spider-Man after he received a spider bite. (Image: Wikimedia)

CNN reported that fans have mixed reactions, many not pleasant, about the fate of Parker:

When issue #700 was leaked early, fan reaction -- both positive and negative -- went into overdrive, with a few posted death threats directed at the issue's writer, Dan Slott.

Slott reacted on his Twitter and Facebook by saying he would report any threats: "Reality check: There is NO such thing as a 'funny death threat.' Especially if you TAG someone in it."

Here are a few of saddened fans' tweets:

While Parker's fate is sealed, Spider-Man's is not. His adventures will continue with next month's "Superior Spider-Man." But the man behind the mask is ... Otto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus. In fact, CNN reported more specifically that the combination of Otto's intelligence, Parker's memories and Spider-Man's powers will make an "uber-Spider-Man."

Still, as for the end of Peter Parker, Comic Book's Russ Burlingame blogged, "even if this particular story is only now entering its second act, and doing so with a new first issue–it’s still not a worthy finale for a character like Peter. And there’s no way to get around it–that’s sloppy."

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