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These People Are Really Excited About Getting AR-15s for Christmas


"Merry Christmas to me."

There were indications that sales of guns and gun components were up headed into the Christmas holiday. Many took to social media to show off the presents they received including owners of new guns who posted tweets and images of themselves holding their firearms, many of which were AR-15s.

Most of these were shared on Twitter:

Some Twitter are lamenting the amount of guns that appear to have been received and the glee with which the owners talk about their new spoils. Here are a couple of those tweets:

A tweet from the left-wing writer Sunny Hundal about a 10-year-old receiving an AR-15 has been retweeted more than 100 times. The article by Hundal on Liberal Conspiracy has been tweeted many times as well with users adding words like "morons" and "idiots" to their tweets.

(H/T: The Atlantic Wire)

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