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Looking Back on Beck's 2012 Reflections and Predictions That Came to Light


With hundreds of broadcasts to his credit each year across radio and television platforms, Glenn Beck has covered much ground discussing and dissecting past and current events that impact the course of the nation, and sometimes the world. He also, however, has spent ample time exploring potential domestic and geopolitical events that have yet to pass, sometimes offering predictions of what Americans might expect in the months and years ahead.

Much to his critics' chagrin, Beck has proven to be insightful and indeed accurate on many such fronts, particularly as it relates to the Arab Spring; the increased erosion of privacy in American life; withering congressional power with President Obama's sweeping use of executive orders; the rise of gun sales following the 2012 presidential elections, and so on.

Below are a series of clips spanning the last year in which Beck has brought to light some very telling revelations.

From the end of 2011 through today, Beck has pored over seemingly countless reports to provide his viewers with a new perspective. He dedicated numerous programs to exposing the Benghazi scandal that left a U.S. ambassador, two Navy SEALs, and a civil servant dead, with both he and his news site, TheBlaze, tackling the unpopular theory that the late Christophers Stevens may have been the point man in an administration-led gun-running scheme:

In terms of the Arab Spring and rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, few have spoken more candidly or astutely on the clear and present threats than Beck.

For instance, he cautioned Americans and Israelis to be particularly leery of the Arab Spring lest its agenda not truly be one of freedom and democracy. He also accurately predicted the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood and its clear goal to implement a hardline theocratic agenda in the countries to which it had set siege.

Even before moving to his own network, as early as January 2011, Beck talked about the Brotherhood's destabilizing force in the Middle East and its ability to set the region ablaze:

Beck on those who criticized his Muslim Brotherhood predictions:

Moving into domestic issues, Beck also touched a great deal on invasion of privacy as he discussed the use of surveillance drones and internet security (or perhaps insecurity) in daily lives of Americans. Of course, earlier in 2012, Congress succumbed to pressure from the Defense Department and drone manufacturers, ordering the FAA to give drones greater access to civilian airspace by 2015.

Few are also aware of an administration-led plan Beck exposed one year ago in January that could essentially turn the nation into a real life "1984":

The mandate applies to drones operated by private companies or individuals and civilian government agencies, including federal, state, and local law enforcement, according to a previous report on TheBlaze.

Of course, who could forget Beck's many revelations and predictions concerning "Obamacare" and its implications, beginning with its "Complete Lives" provision:

Beck also discussed the tax implications of "Obamacare":

In the segment below, Beck took time to speak with doctors who claim that the impact of "Obamacare" will yield far more negatives than positives:

Further to this, Beck also brought to light the fact that Congress has become increasingly irrelevant due to Obama's overuse of executive orders. In his first term alone the president bypassed the legislative branch altogether by signing a staggering 139 executive orders. The move also underscores Beck's assertion that the U.S. is creeping ever-closer towards socialism and a place where government exercises absolute power over its citizens. Needless to say the passing of "Obamacare," too, highlights this very point.

Few small-government leaders have been more outspoken nor have fought harder to stop the "out of control freight train" that is America's ever-growing Nanny State than Beck:

Beck also discussed what could become a trend of affluent people "dressing down" in order to skirt the ire of those who seek to do them harm for no reason other than, well, their wealth:

On October 31, 2012 Beck made a prediction that if Obama won his re-election bid, the following day would mark "the biggest day of gun sales in the history of the world."

"There will be more ammunition and more guns sold in the United States than any place at any time in the history of the planet next Wednesday. And let me make another prediction: If Obama wins, you are going to be very angry that you didn't buy your gun in advance because they're going to be hard to get, and ammunition will be hard to get," said Beck.

"Because there will be a run on ammunition. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think anybody who is an NRA member has any doubt on how much of a friend President Obama is to guns, and everybody will want to be grandfathered in," he added.

Like clockwork on November 7, TheBlaze reported that gun sales, indeed, did skyrocket following the 2012 election.  What's more, the November 2012 cover of TheBlaze Magazine asked “Will the Constitution Be Disarmed?” and discussed the fact that everything from the Fast and Furious scandal, to numerous exploitations of tragedies, to legislation making gun ownership increasingly difficult has made it clear that Americans Second Amendment rights are under threat.

Following the politicization of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, the threat to gun rights may be more clear than ever:

On September, 5, 2012, Beck talked about monetizing the debt and the government's penchant for printing money.

TheBlaze's Becket Adams wrote that when the Federal Reserve announced in September an unlimited and open-ended third round of quantitative easing (“QE3” or “QE-Infinity”), "we figured that’s about as far as you can go in terms of monetizing the debt," but then "December rolled around and the Fed introduced yet another round of open-ended quantitative easing ('QE4'), this time committing $45 billion a month to purchasing Treasury securities."

"So with the Fed’s $40 billion a month commitment to mortgage backed securities (i.e. 'QE-Infinity') and its never-ending $45 billion a month commitment to Treasury securities (i.e. 'QE4-Ever'), a monthly total of $85 billion, it looks like they can’t monetize the country’s debt fast enough -- and all this in the span of about three months."

Below, Beck talks about quantitative easing (or, "printing money") along with several other predictions he made in 2012:

Some of these predictions did indeed come to come, others may be well on their way to doing so, but in each case one thing is clear: few media personalities have had their finger on the pulse of the world-stage quite like Beck.

And when it comes to 2013, a line from the classic movie "All About Eve" seems more apropos than ever: "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night."

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