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Viral Vid. of Man Dancing Behind People Is Surprisingly Hilarious


His name is Greg Benson, he’s on a cruise ship, and his wife Kim films him sneaking up on people and dancing.

The results are surprisingly hilarious (it picks up steam at around the 0:37 mark):

"Thanks to my lovely wife Kim Evey Benson for shooting this! And thanks to Kyle Macias, who suggested the idea on my Facebook page," reads the video's YouTube description. "After I shot this, I found out this was originally done on The Ellen Show ('Ellen's Dance Dare'), so thanks to Ellen DeGeneres too!"

And even if you don’t think it’s all that funny, that’s fine, too. We ​think it's funny (and that's what really matters).

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(H/T: stuffistolefromtheinternet.com). Featured image YouTube.

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