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This MSNBC Host Thinks Calling Mitt Romney a 'Negro' Is Just About The Funniest Thing Ever


MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry broke into uncontrollable fits of laughter Sunday after one of her guests referred to former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a “negro.”

“Romney put his foot in his mouth more times in this election from, he pulled that move. He went out there and made a birther joke. Remember? He decided to make a birther joke. Negro, you on TV,” said a curiously attired Elon James White.

A hearty "bwahaha" was had by all.

“Okay, you’ve been called many things. Mitt Romney has been called many things in 2012 and beyond, but Ima go with … is the first time he was ever called a Negro, spelled K-N-E-E-G-R-O-W,” the MSNBC host giggled.

“He doesn't have that on his business card? Was that just a rumor?” asked another guest.

“This is going to give him so much confidence when he goes back to the NAACP,” said White:

BONUS: In case you’re finding yourself at the intersection or boredom and self-loathing, here’s another video of Harris-Perry and her colleagues talking about -- wait for it -- racism:

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(H/T: NewsBusters). Featured image screen grab.

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