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More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism, Says Report


While it is no mystery that Islamic extremists have been wreaking havoc on innocent people across the world for well over a millennium, the 2012 death toll of those claimed by its hands is still as disturbing as ever. As the world rings in 2013, the jihadist-monitoring site "The Religion of Peace" (TRP) has tallied the number of people killed in the last year by Islamists, placing the death toll at 11,267 carried out across 2,459 savage terror attacks.

Since we, in today's day and age, have become desensitized to numbers (understandably so given the carnage taking place across the world on a daily basis), an overview of some of these horrific terror attacks places the gravitas of the matter in proper perspective. While we won't list all 2,459 attacks here, the Religion of Peace website painstakingly took the time to chronicle each documented terror attack since 2012 commenced, including the siege on our American outpost in Benghazi that left Ambassador Chris Stevens, two Navy SEALs and another civil servant dead.

Below are several screenshots outlining a mere fraction of the online chart to provide context. You will find that these terror attacks carried out by Islamists around the world have spared no one in their bloodlust and quest for dominance. Among those targeted are children, Christian worshippers, elderly Jews, those who hail from a "rival" sects of Islam, women, teachers, Buddhists, Hindu activists and so on. Also included in the list are Israelis wounded or killed by Hamas rocket attacks and suicide bombings as well as attacks on Israeli tourists abroad.

The complete list can be viewed on TRP's website, linked above. Some have observed that the number of terror attacks actually seems low considering Islamists' violent bent. It bears mention, however, that these are merely the documented terror-incidents of the last year. There are of course other attacks that may have gone unaccounted. Consider also that as of November 2012, over 2,256 Hamas rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza since January 2012, thus it appears TRP seems to be documenting only "successful" terror attacks. In other words, attacks that have yielded at least one killed or wounded.

In more "civilized" parts of the world including Europe and North America, while blatant acts of terrorism have been curbed since the horrific 9/11 attacks that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people, Islamist-led honor killings, assaults and general harassment are still on the rise. Consider that on New Year's eve alone, 1,193 cars were burned to a cinder by rioting Muslims in France. It has become a kind of twisted "holiday tradition" among the more extreme Islamic residents of the country.

With all the violence in 2012, one shudders to think what 2013 will hold.

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