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The Surveillance Camera Footage of Burglars Breaking and Entering Into an N.C. Home Is Surprisingly Fascinating


The holidays are a vulnerable time for homes while the owners are away. Surveillance footage from a home in North Carolina shows you why.

The YouTube user flashpitt posted the footage on Dec. 31, showing the breaking and entering that occurred on Dec. 29 according to the timestamp on the video. Here's the play-by-play of what the robbers did as written in the video's description:

At 00:15 - Criminals 2 and 3 check the back yard area while criminal 1 rings the doorbell 4 times. Criminals then congregate in the back yard and try kicking the back door in one time.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

At 1:36, Criminals 1 and 2 eventually kick in the door.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

At 1:56 - Interior video of Criminals 1, 2, 3 entering the back door.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

At 5:10 - Criminal 1 finally notices surveillance camera and covers his face. He proceeds to turn the camera towards the wall and eventually cuts the wire.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

To further destroy the device, flashpitt wrote that the group poured bleach into the camera DVR box, which shorted the electronic components. But the hard drive survived and is the reason we have this video today.

Watch it:

According to the user, the incident happened to his home in Raleigh, N.C.

Flashpitt didn't state what exactly was stolen, if this video was taken to the police or if the criminals were ultimately caught.


(H/T: Reddit)

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