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The Sort-of Creepy Compilation of Joe Biden at Thursday's Swearing-In Ceremonies: Stroking Women's Faces and Recycling One-Liners


"you have a smile that lights up the room"

We already brought you one of the oh-no lines from Joe Biden during Thursday's swearing-in ceremony for newly-elected senators (the "spread your legs" one). But there was more of that going on than we even realized. The folks over at Talking Points Memo published a compilation showing much much more.

What do we mean? Well, there is him repeating the line "you have a smile that lights up the room" to several women in addition to, "as they say in southern Delaware, you've done good."

And then there's his affinity for two particular elderly women:



He also got a little close to Angus King's wife:

You can see most of it below:

And the Angus King video:

Now head over to TheBlog and get Meredith Jessup's thoughts on it all.

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