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There's Nothing Better Than Watching a Firecracker Blow Up Inside Jello in Slow Motion


"Nice to see the flames inside the gelatin."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

  • Who: The Slingshot Channel guy we know and love, Joerg Sprave, complete with a Count Dracula-like laugh in this episode.
  • What: Slingshots, explosive firecrackers, gelatin and a bayonet.
  • Where: Probably his backyard.
  • When: New Years Eve (when else would explosive slingshot shooting being merited?)
  • Why: Sprave does things like this because he's a genius. TheBlaze is posting it because it's Friday and, well, why not? Have you ever seen a firecracker shot from a slingshot into a brick of Jello before? We didn't think so.

Now, before we get to the wiggly action of what it looks like to shoot a firecracker into gelatin, Sprave tests shooting the explosive straight up, at a 45 degree angle and into a catch box. From there, he tailors it to have a tip that would help it penetrate the object at which it was shot.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Then, enters the yellow-colored gelatin. The crack the explosive makes is surprisingly loud and it's super satisfying to watch the action in slow motion.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"Wow, that was pretty good. Nice to see the flames inside the gelatin," Sprave said.

You think Sprave would leave it at that? No way. He has another block of gelatin, which he sticks with six firecrackers at one time. As if the gelatin hadn't been tortured enough, Sprave then slams a bayonet through it.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the video for yourself to see the gelatin and explosives in all their slow-mo glory:


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