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Here's the Homemade, Stink Bomb-Throwing, Crossbow Slingshot That Tackles an Important Problem


"Ideal biological warfare with a slingshot."

Stink Master 2000 (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The infamous Slingshot Channel's Joerg Sprave has upgraded his homemade crossbow slingshot yet again. This time, he's gone down the road of warfare against the sensory system.

Showing off his purchased package of stink bomb capsules. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

He created a crossbow to whip stink bombs at 90 miles per hour up to 80 to 100 meters away, which he writes on his YouTube description is "well outside the reach of smell."

It's a little disappointing that Sprave didn't make his own stink bombs and opted for pre-packed ones (but he is genius enough to turn trash and office supplies into weapons). Although, the size of the potent liquid-filled bombs is impressive for the smell they're said to emit. The size though makes them difficult to throw far. Sprave also says he's been given the order by the missus that he's not allowed to fire them near the house. Enter the crossbow slingshot.

Stink Master 2000 (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here's what the stink bomb looks like. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Check out Sprave's invention for shooting the stinky capsules, an idea for which he got from a commenter:

He calls the slingshot the "Stink Master 2000." The stink bomb is loaded from the back, as opposed to muzzle loaded from the front where it could break on its way to the back of the barrel. He's also put a little brush inside the loading area to keep the capsule from sliding forward before it's shot.

Later in the clip, Sprave, after discussing the different levels of smell you can buy, says he persuaded his wife to let him shoot the worst one at a remote area of their property, because he was so curious to see how bad it was. Here's his expression seconds after breaking the capsule.

Sprave reacts to the smelliest of stink bombs. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

He describes the smell as "really old cheese with garlic."

"The Stink Master 2000 is certainly doing a good job. Ideal biological warfare with a slingshot."


(H/T: Gizmodo)

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