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Want to Know Exactly What Personal Info Sites Like Pinterest and YouTube Are Sharing? See This Chart


Everything from your email to your birthday.

If you've ever wondered what of your information websites share with other companies when you log on, last month the Wall Street Journal pulled together several websites into one graph to show you.

It pinpoints specific information that is shared -- everything from your email address to your name and birthday -- by sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Pandora and others. It color codes the information based on that which can identify you personally and other data. It then also shades the info shared based on if it was sent securely or sent in full.

(Image: WSJ)

Here's more about the project from WSJ:

To identify what personal information gets passed to other companies when you log in to popular websites, The Wall Street Journal tested 50 of the top sites (by U.S. traffic) that offer registration, excluding sites that required a real-world account, such as banking sites. The Journal also tested 20 selected other sites that focus on sensitive subjects such as dating, politics, health, or children’s issues, and our own site, WSJ.com. Click here to read more about the methodology. Results for each site are below. Sites are ranked by popularity, based on comScore's numbers. Sites not in comScore's top 1,000 are marked with a "*".

(Image: WSJ)

See the full chart here.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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