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Al Roker's Shock Confession: 'I Pooped My Pants' at the White House


"Not horribly, but enough that I knew."

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 15: TV Personality Al Roker arrives at The Weinstein Company's 2012 Golden Globe Awards After Party at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 15, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. Credit: Getty Images

Al Roker (FILE)

Al Roker made a huge confession on NBC's "Dateline" Sunday night -- he accidentally pooped his pants inside the White House

The incident occurred in 2002, about a month after he underwent gastric bypass surgery, Roker explained. He was covering an event at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. when he felt a bout of gas coming on. What resulted was one of the most embarrassing moments of his long career.

"I probably went off and ate something I wasn't supposed to. And as I'm walking to the press room, well I've gotta pass a little gas here. I'm walking by myself. Who's gonna know?" Roker recalled. "Only a little something extra came out. I pooped my pants."

"Not horribly, but enough that I knew," he added.

"Which is a common side effect," the "Dateline" host noted.

Roker said he rushed to the restroom and threw his soiled underwear in the trash and went "commando" for the rest of the night. He added that it was a good lesson to watch what you eat.

TMZ provides the video of Roker's confession on NBC:

(H/T: Gawker)

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