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Finally! Scott Baker answers our questions


For the latest issue of TheBlaze Magazine, Editor in Chief Scott Baker agreed to be the latest victim of our regular magazine department, "In the Hot Seat." The editorial staff of TheBlaze gathered and put together 10 questions for the Boss. Here are the questions -- get the answers only in the latest issue of TheBlaze Magazine.

#1: What is the toughest thing about working with Glenn Beck, and what’s the toughest thing he has asked you to do?

#2: What is your biggest fear when it comes to journalism and freedom of speech?

#3: You are known to be awake and online at all hours of the day. Do you employ polyphasic sleeping tactics? You know, 30 minutes of sleep every six hours?

#4: How did you get started in the news business?

#5: What was the hardest story you ever had to write?

#6: If you were stranded on a moon colony with Newt Gingrich and you only had one subscription to one news publication (not including TheBlaze), what would it be?

#7: When can we see the video of you “falling asleep” during a newscast?

#8: If you could have just one “superpower” for an hour each day, what would that power be?

#9: Is there anything that Glenn asked you or the staff to do that you just never thought you could pull off, but somehow you did?

#10: You never leave home without ... ?

BONUS: Where do you think TheBlaze will be in two years that you have never voiced?

Get all the answers in TheBlaze Magazine.

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