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Beck Reveals More About His Special Connection to Walt Disney


"We're ready to go right now... can't wait to get started."

One of the worst-kept secrets at TheBlaze is Glenn Beck's appreciation for Walt Disney's work. And by work, it's not just a cartoon mouse or a global network of theme parks that has piqued Beck's interest. He is a fan of Walt's bold vision and brave support of imagination engineering or "imagineering."

During a segment on Monday night's TV program, Beck talked about his respect for Walt Disney and how the visionary managed to turn his dreams into reality.

Image: TheBlaze TV

Beck also shared some of the details about a very special purchase he made last summer: Walt Disney's original prospectus for the original California theme park, Disneyland. This special six page, type-written document explained Disney's vision for a place "Where you leave TODAY... and visit the World of YESTERDAY and TOMORROW." The presentation also included a hand-colored aerial view of the proposed 45 acre park. Beck showed the original plan last night on television.

Image: TheBlaze TV

In this segment from Monday night Mr. Beck, like Mr. Disney, let us "visit the World of YESTERDAY and TOMORROW."


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