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Fox's 'The Five' Retaliates Against Gawker's NYC Gun Owner List by Airing Founder's Phone Number


​"Those stupid wimps."

(Fox News)

On Tuesday, the website Gawker sparked controversy when it published a 446-page list of all the licensed gun owners in New York City, initially labeling them "a**holes." And on Wednesday, Fox News' "The Five" turned the tables and aired the website founder's phone number and email in retaliation.

Co-host Greg Gutfield began by saying the "left" wants the public to think that anyone who owns a gun is crazy, but that is simply not the case. He said no one wants guns in the hands of crazy people.

"Those stupid wimps," he said of Gawker, explaining that the site linked the NYPD to rape and corruption but then ironically called the police when they received death threats.

“[Gawker called] people crazy a-holes who own guns legally in New York City. So what we thought we would do is maybe point out who runs Gawker, the founder of Gawker, Nick Denton. Greg, you may know him as well," co-host Eric Bolling chimed in.

Then Denton's name, picture, phone number and email address appeared on the screen. "There he is. Nick Denton. Here is is phone number," Bolling said, advising viewers to email him if "you're really ticked off."

"You know what, Nick, I'm going to call you later on today," he added.

Watch the video below via Fox News/Mediaite:

Do you agree with the decision to air the phone number of Gawker's founder?

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