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Check Out This Stunning, Award-Winning Panorama of Manhattan Taken From a Bird's-Eye View


"New York is something special for me."

Aerial panoramic photo above Central Park. (Photo: Sergey Semonov via EPSON Pano Awards)

New York City might be one of the most photographed, from its skyline to Central Park, but a new award-winning photograph showing an aerial portrayal of Manhattan could be the most fascinating of all.

The photo by Sergey Semonov of Russia recently was named the best in the amateur photographer category of EPSON's Pano Awards. The aerial's 3D look makes it almost appear computer generated as it shows height of the buildings surrounding the park from the top down.

Aerial panoramic photo above Central Park. (Photo: Sergey Semonov via EPSON Pano Awards)

In the award's press release, here's how Semonov describes his love of photography and of New York:

"My first conscious acquaintance with photography happened in 2003 when a 1.3 Mp digital simple hand-held camera appeared in my hands. I was highly impressed by the ability to view the results on the screen! After that I became a fan of photography and gave it all my free time. Although I graduated from University with an honors degree in the sphere of International Economy and I am still working at that sphere as a consultant, photography took my heart forever.

"The inexpressible romanticism and beauty of the secluded corners of Northern America National Parks, Patagonia's mountains, glacial lagoons of Iceland, sand of the Sahara, and the jungles of Brazil are the sources of my inspiration. I also like big cities with their attractiveness and energy. New York is something special for me. I've been there several times and just love it. Probably because of my feelings I could take some of my best photos there!"

On the website Air Pano, a project for Moscow-based photographers who take high-resolution aerial panoramas from helicopters, hot air balloons and jets, Semonov explained that this spherical aerial panorama of Manhattan was taken in 2011.

This is a screenshot from the spherical panoramic tour to give you an idea of what it looks like closer up. (Image: Air Pano)

The project created a virtual photo tour from above the city that makes you feel like you're flying as you pan around -- give it a try.

(H/T: io9)

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