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Alex Jones Responds to 'Despicable' Glenn Beck, Has Another Screaming Fit on HuffPost Live: 'You're in Danger!


​​​"They've got poison in the water! Poison in the water! This is a normal response to this! This is how they should have responded to Hitler!"

Alex Jones

Radio host and noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones responded to Glenn Beck's criticisms on HuffPost Live Friday, saying he is a "despicable person" like Piers Morgan who thinks his audience is "stupid" and has no ideological consistency.

With his sights set on Beck, Jones argued that he had promoted torture and "taken all the stuff" he has written and "neo-con'd it" only to release it later under his name.

"So he's mad that I'm getting on hundreds of stations. He's mad I'm getting attention. I'm not here trying to be numero uno like Glenn Beck; I'm here trying to save our Bill of Rights and Constitution," Jones said.

Jones also found a conspiracy within Beck's libertarian views. He said Beck only became a libertarian because he "knows the Republican Party is dying," and because "most Americans call themselves libertarians," he wants to "brand it so that he's the leader and he's the head of libertarians."

"It's Glenn Beck that has promoted torture," Jones continued, before quickly changing the subject to Ron Paul and his supporters.

"When Ron Paul was doing well in the primaries four years ago, he said, 'Have you heard of this money bomb? That's Ron Paul supporters planning to blow things up, I think the Army should be used against them,'" Jones added. "I mean, come on. Glenn Beck."

Jones went on to repeat that Beck isn't consistent in his views and "he really disdains his audience and he's a despicable person just like Piers Morgan."

Later in the HuffPost Live interview, Jones began screaming after getting a little too "fired up about liberty."

"It’s time to get a pulse again. Howard Beale said in Network, 'It’s time to get mad. It’s time to say ‘I’m a human being, god damn it! My life has value!’ And it’s time to say, ‘I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’" Jones hollered.

"I want you to get mad! I want you to realize the American dream is becoming a nightmare and our liberties are being systematically eradicated," he added. "Learn about the New World Order! Learn about the globalists and how they fund fascists, communists, and socialists — anything that’s centralized. Learn about eugenics and the cancer viruses in the vaccines. Learn about the GMOs designed to sterilize you!"

And he went on: "They've got poison in the water! Poison in the water! This is a normal response to this! This is how they should have responded to Hitler! You're in danger! You're in danger! You're in danger, everybody watching! They control both parties! You're in danger! Wake up! Get out of your trance! They should have resisted Hitler like this!"

For the record, it was Jones' Infowars.com that "exposed" Beck as a "globalist operative" who specialized in "disinformation" after the site misconstrued promotional commercials for the anti-U.N. book "Agenda 21" as an endorsement of the real Agenda 21 initiative. Without ever contacting Beck or his company for clarification, the site posted the story and later deleted it without issuing a correction.

From Infowars' "report":

Infowars.com has exposed Beck as a globalist operative assigned to undermine and neutralize the liberty movement. “Glenn Beck specializes in disinformation ops designed to trick his ‘conservative’ followers and lead them into dead-ends and cul-de-sacs that ultimately neutralize the political opposition,” we wrote in June.

Allowing ads calling for population reduction and eugenics on his network is just more evidence that Glenn Beck is no friend to patriots.

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