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Saudi Sheikh Issues New Fatwa: Soccer Players Are Infidels


Well, the latest in what is fast-becoming an insurmountable mountain of fatwas is just in. Earlier last month Saudi cleric and popular Salafi-jihadist Suleiman Al-'Alwan was released from prison after nine years for alleged involvement with al Qaeda. The sheikh, who is also accused of issuing fatwas permitting terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and targeting Western interests both in the Kingdom and around the globe, didn't seem content with traditional jihadism, so, naturally turned his eye to the evil pastime of soccer.

Al-'Alwan said that soccer was a form of heresy and indeed a "masonic game meant to distance Muslims from their religion and faith, and most of the public that follows [soccer games] is loyal to the infidels."

The cleric called soccer players criminals and infidels, stating "[When] a man watches a [soccer] game, God forbid, he is watching deviant criminals and sinful infidels, even if they are Muslims." He added: "There is a serious problem with [soccer] games, which is the refereeing, which follows manmade laws, not Allah's laws."

Interestingly enough, according to MEMRI, which first brought us the English translation of al-Alwan's "semons," the imam also accused Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi of heresy as well. This time for failing to implement sharia law in Egypt. The cleric is also none too pleased that Egypt's new constitution, in his mind, still guarantees religious freedom and treats Christians as equal to Muslims. While the latter point is to be debated, the message is clear, Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al, are too moderate for the likes of al-Alwan.

To read more about the latest cleric making his public rounds, visit MEMRI.

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