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Words Fail: This Live-Action, Shot-for-Shot Full-Length Recreation of 'Toy Story' Is Amazing



It's still early, but this live-action, shot-for-shot full-length recreation of "Toy Story" is the definite frontrunner for the coolest thing you will see all week.

You read that right: Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta have been working since 2010 to recreate the entire animated Pixar classic with real people and real toys, using a combination of stop-motion photography and puppet strings, all set to the actual "Toy Story" audio track. They posted their completed hour-and-20-minute film on YouTube Saturday.

Watch and be amazed by the dedication to detail, right down to the cloud wallpaper:

They also have a seven-minute recreation of the ending of "Toy Story 3." (What? We're not crying, we just have some dust in our eye.)

(h/t io9)

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