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MSNBC Host: We Are 'Endangering Ourselves' by Owning Guns...We Need Obama to 'Save Us


"We need him to fear nothing but fear itself."


MSNBC co-host Touré (FILE)

During MSNBC's "The Cycle" on Monday, MSNBC co-host Touré said Americans are putting themselves in danger, not protecting themselves, by owning guns. He later said only President Barack Obama can "save us from the gun epidemic."

“We want to envision ourselves as a nation of vigilantes protecting ourselves with our guns, but that’s not what’s happening, Touré said. "We’re an over-armed nation helping gun makers get richer by believing blatant lies that the government is plotting to take away our guns, and believing the myth that we’re protecting and not endangering ourselves."

He went on to say that the gun control issue could be the "most crucial moment in the Obama administration -- perhaps the most important legislation they'll ever propose."

“Gun safety is no longer a clear loser for Democrats, who have lost pro-gun rural voters and have nothing to show for it but a fear of gun control. The suburban and urban voters who show up for Dems in droves need the president to save us from the gun epidemic. We need him to fear nothing but fear itself," he added.

Touré called on the White House to ban so-called "assault weapons" (which are really just semi-automatic rifles) and large capacity magazines. He also wants there to be an expansion on the "reporting on who has guns" as well as universal background checks.

“If you’re not fighting to help people’s lives, then why are you in D.C.?” Touré lectured. "Mr. President, don't back down now."

Watch the clip via MSNBC/Mediaite below:

(H/T: Noah Rothman, Mediaite)

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