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Which Major City Features a Machine Gun Range to Fulfill Your Firearm 'Fantasies'? Find Out Here

Strip Gun Club website

Strip Gun Club website

When anti-gun crusaders use the phrase "assault weapon," they tend to portray the weapons in question as being on the same level as obvious military-grade technology like miniguns, fully automatic rifles, and even rapid-firing machine guns. The inaccuracy of these descriptions aside, one certainly can understand how people might simultaneously find such military-level weapons fascinating even if they also find them profoundly frightening to imagine in the hands of their less-than-stable neighbors. Many gun enthusiasts, in fact, might even privately wonder what it's like to shoot one.

According to a new report by CNN, such people need wonder no more. There exists a range in Las Vegas called Strip Gun Club that allows its patrons to fire weapons as powerful as fully automatic, 50-caliber machine guns, Smith & Wesson 500s, and all sorts of other weapons that are very hard to own. The club has only been open a month, and apparently its biggest hurdle is finding new sources of ammunition, but for people who can afford to shell out the money required to rent such high end weapons, it almost certainly must be intriguing.

The range is located right on the Vegas strip and boasts a unique experience. Below is a list of weapons you could shoot should you decide to visit:

Strip Gun Club

Watch the CNN report below, which describes the range as a place where patrons can fulfill their gun "fantasies":

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