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Video: Group Armed With a Baseball Bat & Tire Iron Brutally Beats NYC Tourist


"I started screaming for someone to call the police."

A tourist visiting New York City over the weekend took in more than mere sights and sounds. Kevin McCarron, 24, was brutally attacked by seven men who brandished a tire iron and a baseball bat. In the assault, which was captured on film, they inevitably beat him unconscious. The incident unfolded in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, a popular area in the city. The Andover, Mass., resident, who sustained a fractured skull, is now recovering in a local hospital.

A portion of the shocking attack was captured on cell phone video. In the clip, McCarron can be seen on the ground, while being kicked and beaten repeatedly by the seven young men. As he attempts to stand up, they continuously punch and knock him back down. See the horrific incident, below (CONTENT WARNING):

"I started screaming for someone to call the police," said the 25-year-old woman who captured the beating on video. "It was hard to watch."

According to authorities, the event unfolded after two groups of young men got into an argument outside of Artichoke Pizza, a gourmet food establishment. While a motive surrounding what sparked the fight has yet to be released, The New York Daily News does pose a theory:

The violent rumble erupted after McCarron, from Andover, Mass., and his friends argued with their attackers while leaving Artichoke Pizza around 5:15 a.m.

One of the attackers may have been sitting on top of the car McCarron and his friends drove into the city, prompting a booze-fueled altercation between posses, a police source said.

Following the incident, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has detained two men -- Hatem Farsakh, 24, and Sherif Rizk, 22 -- both from Brooklyn. As for Farsakh, he is being charged with gang assault, assault and attempted murder.

The victim was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center in serious condition, where he continues to recover from the brutal attack. Cops said that McCarron's brother, Patrick, also sustained minor injuries.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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