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Find Out Why There Were A LOT of Guns on the Set of Glenn Beck's Show Tuesday


During his television program on Tuesday night, Glenn Beck brought in gun expert Paul Michael and historian David Barton to dispel a number of myths about firearms. In the middle of Beck's Dallas studio sat a table full of various types of firearms -- all unloaded of course.

Watch Beck and company go over the difference between "assault rifles" and regular rifles and other common misconceptions about guns:

Beck also discussed the importance of teaching kids to respect guns and about gun safety. Here are the four rules Michael taught kids on the show:

1. Even if you are not sure if it's a real gun, don't touch it. Ask someone to help you.

2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you've made the decision to shoot.

4. Only take the safety off the firearm once you are ready to fire.

Just as a bonus, Beck also hosted some of the fastest shooters in America to prove that limiting magazine size isn't necessarily going to slow down killers. Obviously, they couldn't fire live rounds in Beck's Dallas studio, but they still put on a good show.

Watch the impressive video below:

Finally, Beck tackled the anti-gun culture creeping into America's school system. He referenced a recent case where a 5-year-old Pennsylvania kindergartener was suspended for using a Hello Kitty bubble gun and another where a little boy was suspended for using a "finger gun."

"It's not foolish, it's not ignorance. It's indoctrination and it's by design," Beck said. "Remember, the left has a grip on the education system."

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