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Facebook Apologizes for Threatening to Shut Down Conservative Fan Page Over Post Critical of Obama Admin.


"Jay Carney can kiss my assular area."


"Chicks on the Right"

Facebook on Wednesday apologized for threatening to shut down the "Chicks on the Right" Facebook page because of a post critical of the Obama administration, Fox News' Todd Starnes reports. The site claims the users were "incorrectly warned" by the site's User Operation's Team.

Mockarena, one of the two women who runs "Chicks on the Right," a conservative website with more than 100,000 fans on their official Facebook page, reportedly received a notice on Wednesday informing her that she would be locked out of not only her "Chicks on the Right" Facebook page, but her personal page as well. Facebook accused her of violating the company's standards with one of her posts.

The post in question was directed at White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. The post referred users to a website posting titled, "You Know What? Liberal Hypocrisy is Starting to Cause Me Actual Physical Pain."

"Jay Carney can kiss my assular area," Mockarena wrote.

However, shortly after Fox News reported on the incident, Facebook issued an apologetic statement.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience…Unfortunately, the users were incorrectly warned by our User Operation’s Team and we have already removed all associated blocks from the accounts," Facebook spokesman Fred Wolens told Fox News.

From from Fox News:

Mockarena, who runs the website with Daisy, confirmed to Fox News that Facebook had lifted the blocks on both pages.  Both ladies asked that their real names not be used for security concerns.

Wolens said their team reviews millions of pieces of content every day – and chalked up what happened to an innocent mistake.

“This team looks at hundreds of thousands of reports every week, and as you might expect, occasionally, we make a mistake and block a piece of content we shouldn’t have,” he said.

However, in the few hours since the original report was posted, Fox News has heard from a number of readers who said they’ve also been subjected to Facebook blocks over conservative content.

“I think people are starting to realize Facebook is not necessarily a safe place for conservatives,” Mockarena told Fox News. “They are targeting conservatives."


She also said Internet trolls on the left are dedicated to "silencing conservatives" and spend their time racking up complaints on people's pages so they are suspended.

“All those reports get funneled into Facebook and with enough complaints the pages are then shut down,” she added.

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