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Viral Vid. Shows Terrifyingly Close Encounter Between Plane and Person on the Runway

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The video TheBlaze brought you of a plane messing up its final landing and narrowly missing a group of spectators flanking the runway for its arrival has nothing on a new video that is making its rounds on the Web.

The video shows a private airplane flying at high speeds downward towards a runway barely missing a person on a four-wheeler. It has been posted and reposted to YouTube at least a half a dozen times racking up thousands of hits. Still, there are a lot of questions surrounding the video but there's an honest-to-goodness answer as to 1) why someone was on a runway and 2) why a plane flew so close to them.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Reports of where the event took place have begun to vary as the video went viral. AOL's Buzz 60 states it took place in France (even though the videographer speaks English) while other videos state it was taken at an airport in Lancaster, Texas, about 20 minutes away from Dallas.

The video claiming to be the original posted by the YouTube user ThoseCrazyTexans states that the plane was going 200 miles per hour.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Some in comments on the videos are questioning whether the encounter ever really happened though (making accusations of video editing). The clues suggesting this mentioned by some are the fact that the person on the four-wheeler didn't try to flee or swerve out of the way themselves nor did the videographer.

Turns out  though, the video seems to be real. The Smoking Gun reported the event was the work of the Texas-based group Team Stunters. The Smoking Gun identifies the "extreme aerobatic pilot" as 43-year-old Jason Newburg.

On Twitter, Team Stunters calls it a "practice session" for shows this weekend.

Even though the stunt was a planned and expected event, it's clear by the videographer's screams that they weren't quite prepared for what they were going to witness.

Watch the stunt for yourself: (Note: some strong language):

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