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Overcoming Unthinkable Tragedy: People Directly Impacted by Sandy Hook Share Their Stories


Ever-present in the minds of Americans across the country, is the feeling of despair that was brought to bear by the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. With agenda-pushers seeking to politicize the tragedy, conspiracy theorists denigrating the memory of those fallen, and celebrities using the incident as a promotional soapbox for one cause or another, many are left to wonder what the families of the victims involved must be thinking of it all.

Some of those people decided to share aspects of their experience with Glenn Beck on Thursday evening. Pete Bareesi, father of a Newtown student and teacher's aid Shari Burton along with her family, joined the program to discuss what they endured both during and after the massacre that claimed 20 children and six adults.

Burton explained how she resolved to cope with the situation and protect herself and her students. She commended the school janitor who became an unsung hero in the horrific incident.

"Our school did a tremendous job, but unfortunately, in the world we live in as an educational assistant, you go to work in fear now," she said.

Burton's daughter also recalled the events as they unfolded that morning when she received the disturbing text messages from her mother, informing her that there had been a shooting.

Burton also helped start the Sandy Hook Angel Project, which gives out green and white ribbons as a gesture of healing and remembrance. The donations received for the ribbons are being given to the Sandy Hook PTA fund.

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In the following video, Pete Bareesi recalls the events that unfolded the morning of the Newtown shooting:

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