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Questions Linger About Egypt Two Years After Revolt Against Mubarak

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (AP file photo)

Friday marks the two year anniversary of the revolt that led to the fall of longstanding Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The uprising would lead to a new constitutional government and Egypt's first presidential elections that would put Muslim Brotherhood Party leader Mohamed Morsi in power. Though his reign has been short, Morsi has failed to bring the Egyptian economy out from crisis and drawn a considerable amount of controversy for his treatment of minority groups and consolidation of power. Beyond speculation in regards to his connection to Islamist groups and the legitimacy of his election, protests have persisted across Egypt since Morsi made a decree granting himself far sweeping powers on "issues of sovereignty."

On 'Real News' Friday the panel with guest Walid Phares examined what has gone on in Egypt over the last two years since the revolt and fall of Mubarak, and how we should expect President Barack Obama and incoming Secretary of State Sen. John Kerry to handle the situation in Egypt moving forward.

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