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What Does Ted Cruz Think Is the Future of the GOP?


“We are the children of Reagan.”

Photo: Us Daily Review

Newly minted Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been on a tear recently in giving conservatives advice about how to improve their standing as a nationwide political force. To that end, Cruz recently gave a speech at the National Review Institute's summit on the "Future of Conservatism," and it has barely taken a day for that speech to attract attention.

The American Spectator describes some of Cruz's more memorable lines:

“Tattoo these two words on your arm,” he said gesturing to his forearm. “Growth and opportunity.” Focusing on these inherently positive concepts, he claimed, would have a powerful impact on the electorate by demonstrating more effectively how Republican policies can improve social mobility and generate much needed revenue.

“I would love to double your taxes,” Ted quipped to an imaginary businessman, “after you have doubled your profits.”[...]

“We in Congress were mostly children when Reagan was president,” he explained, and therefore, in more ways than one, “We are the children of Reagan.”

And National Review themselves caught up to Cruz to ask him to offer some advice in person:

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