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Is Horror Author Stephen King a Hypocrite For Condemning Guns?


In the wake of the Newtown shooting, the issue of gun control has been front and center in the American psyche and political landscape. While some activists are indeed well-meaning, others may be using the tragedy to politicize their respective agendas.

Celebrities who have glorified violence in their books, films or music and who later speak out against guns, are now accused of a particular brand of hypocrisy in this regard. One such person is prolific author Stephen King, who has just penned an expansive 25-page essay titled "Guns."

In the work, King criticized the NRA for promoting violence and said its members should be the ones required to clean up the gruesome remains at the next mass-shooting. Given the gruesome nature of many of King's novels and screenplays, the statement, of course, will rub more than a few the wrong way.

"To claim that America's culture of violence is responsible for school shootings is tantamount to cigarette company executives that environmental pollution is the chief cause of cancer," King stated.

Glenn Beck opened Monday evening's segment with a clip of King's famed thriller movie, "The Shining," to showcase what he feels is the author's hypocrisy in this matter. King has indeed become a wealthy man by publishing a myriad books and screenplays, many of which showcase disturbing, violent themes.


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