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Rubio warns Obama against political fight over immigration


Taking the lead on immigration reform for Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio broke away from the John McCain/Lindsay Graham mavericky-ness today and called into Rush Limbaugh's radio program to have an honest, conservative discussion.  Rubio warned that "there won't be a solution" on immigration unless President Obama embraced "real enforcement triggers."

"The president has a choice to make today," Rubio said. "If he’s gone to Las Vegas to give a speech and try to trigger a bidding war, then no, it doesn’t bode well. There won’t be a solution. We’ll just continue to have what we have now, because that issue, I think is a bright line for most of us involved in this effort. Unless there’s real enforcement triggers, we are not going to have a bill that moves on to the opportunity to apply for a green card."

When pressed on the potential of a standoff with the president, Rubio warned that pushing the issue of immigration to the left would be a good way to shut down the prospect of reform.  "If today becomes the beginning of a bidding war where he tries to be even more liberal than members of his own party in the Senate, then I think we clearly know what his intentions are, and I don't think that's going to be a good development," Rubio said.

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Via Daily Rushbo:

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