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Scarborough Goes on Another Anti-NRA Rant -- This Time Says the Group Could Ruin 2016 Election


"And the next president will be Democratic."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hasn't been shy about his dislike for some of the National Rifle Association's (NRA) tactics. This morning, he continued to rail against the organization, claiming that "extremism from the survivalist wing of the NRA" could lead Americans to elect another Democratic president in 2016. The "Morning Joe" host also warned that this cohort poses the greatest danger to the Second Amendment -- a fixture of the U.S. Constitution that pro-gun advocates have been continuously defending.

Scarborough took particular aim at some claims that, by banning so-called "assault" rifles and restricting magazines, the government will eventually go after all firearms. He called such a notion "an absolute lie" that the NRA has been telling for years -- one that could have damaging constitutional ramifications.

"You know what the greatest danger to that Second Amendment right and that guarantee is right now?," the host asked. "Extremism from the survivalist wing of the NRA that impacts Republicans’ policies nationwide and moves the Republican Party so far away from mainstream America that they lose the House, they lose the Senate again in ’14, and they lose the presidency again. And the next president will be Democratic."

Watch Scarborough's claim that survivalists in the NRA are "the greatest danger to gun rights," below (this portion of the discussion starts around 9:00):

(H/T: Mediaite)



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