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CBS's Bob Schieffer: Hagel's 'nomination may be in trouble


After a brutal Senate hearing yesterday, CBS News' Bob Schieffer says Chuck Hagel's nomination for defense secretary "may be in trouble."

"Generally on something like this what will happen, the White House will come back and stoutly defend the guy and say they're being unfair to him," Schieffer said on CBS's This Morning today. "And -- they didn't say it on the record -- but they started leaking all these reports they were disappointed and all that. To me, that says [to Senate Democrats], 'Fellas, if you've got a hard vote coming up, we'll understand if you can't be with us.'"

Schieffer went on to say that he's "never seen a White House react quite the way they did on this" and that he thinks Hagel's nomination "may be in trouble."

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