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Piers Morgan Claims Armed Guard Was Not Able to Stop Atlanta School Shooting


​​​" ridiculous, it doesn't need additional commentary."

elevison Personality Piers Morgan Credit: Getty Images

elevison Personality Piers Morgan Credit: Getty Images

An armed guard successfully disarmed a 14-year-old shooter who had opened fire at an Atlanta middle school on Thursday. Thanks to the courageous off-duty school resource officer, only one student was shot and no one was killed.

Yet CNN host Piers Morgan on Friday argued that the armed guard, an unidentified off-duty Atlanta police officer, "was NOT able to stop" the Atlanta school shooting, apparently because the teen shooter was able to shoot just one student before he was stopped.

"REVEALED: Armed guard was NOT able to stop Atlanta school shooting," Morgan posted via his official Twitter account. He then linked to a story with a headline that completely contradicted his questionable claim. "Armed guard disarmed teen in Atlanta school shooting, says police chief," the headline read.

Morgan, a particularly vocal supporter of strict gun control in the U.S., has been against the National Rifle Association's proposal of putting armed guards in schools across the country from the get-go. It seems that the CNN host was unwilling to admit that armed guards can -- and did in this instance -- prevent mass school shootings from occurring. There is no telling how tragic Thursday's shooting could have been had that armed guard not been in the building.

Several Twitter users, including best-selling author Brad Thor, were quick to call out Morgan's obvious bluff.

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