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Ever Wonder How Astronauts Wash Their Hands in Space? Here You Go


"Special type of slightly soapy water"

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The Canadian Space Agency is at it again. First they showed us how extra precautions need to be taken while cutting fingernails and then how much more fun it is to open a can of mixed nuts in space. Now, they're letting us in on how astronauts complete one of the most important hygienic tasks without gravity: washing hands.

CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield was asked this question by a student during a video link with David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada, and 200 grade school students from Ottawa.

Hadfield produces a pouch of no rinse body bath -- a "special type of slightly soapy water" -- to show the students how getting clean happens in zero gravity.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

First, squirt some water out of the pouch.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Second, catch the ball of water as it starts to float away.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Third, rub hands together -- watch out for droplets of water that are sprayed outward.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Finally, grab a towel and dry off.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

See how it's done for yourself:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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