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Hercules' Actor Kevin Sorbo Bashes Hollywood's Liberal Hypocrisy and Rips Obama: 'One of the Worst Records' in American History


"Hollywood screams tolerance, but they're the least tolerant people you'll ever meet in your life."

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Kevin Sorbo has had a fascinating and successful entertainment career. Perhaps best known for his lead television role in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," the actor has also been in a multitude of feature films, including "Soul Surfer" and "Prairie Fever," among others. TheBlaze spoke with Sorbo this week to discuss his new movie, "Abel's Field," and to get his perspective on faith and the current political climate in America.

A unique individual, especially when juxtaposed against others in Hollywood, Sorbo is a Christian and, on the political front, he's independently-minded. Rather than subscribing to Tinseltown's leftist slant, his sociopolitical views are middle-of-the-road. Both of these attributes are rare in an industry that pushes Democratic politics, while embracing and touting less-than-conservative theological views.

Jim Baranski, CEO of National Stroke Association, left, is seen with stroke survivors, actor Kevin Sorbo and former CBS weatherman Mark McEwen at the National Stroke Association's 2012 RAISE Awards on Friday Oct. 19, 2012, in Denver. Credit: Invision for National Stroke Assocation 

When TheBlaze asked about his faith, Sorbo was candid, saying that he's considered himself a Christian all of his life. He was brought up going to church and recalled being in middle school when he truly understood the Bible's message.

"We're not perfect -- I've gone through trials and errors," he said, claiming that his faith has experienced both "ebbs and flows."

Considering Hollywood's ideological slant, we asked Sorbo if it is difficult to be a believer there. His answer was intriguing, as the actor explained, in detail, the challenges he regularly faces. To begin, unlike other entertainers, despite a busy career, Sorbo doesn't really consider himself a part of Hollywood.

"I kind of removed myself from Hollywood a long time ago. I'm not really good about going out to schmoozing fests," he said. "It's such a phony atmosphere. It's hard to make true friends."

He went on to say that he despises the "politics of Hollywood" and that the industry is all about people doing favors for one another. In Tinseltown "yes...means maybe," he told TheBlaze. But his critique didn't end there. Extending beyond the ins and outs of the industry, the ideological affiliations and liberal nature of the entertainment sphere also frustrate the actor.

Three-time stroke survivor, actor and author Kevin Sorbo delivers the keynote "True Strength" at the National Stroke Association 2012 RAISE Awards on Friday Oct. 19, 2012, in Denver. Credit: Invision for National Stroke Assocation 

"Hollywood screams tolerance, but they're the least tolerant people you'll ever meet in your life," he continued. "The hypocrisy just reeks in this town. Why can't we all have a point of view?"

As for his own political affiliations, Sorbo is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. He describes himself as "a true independent" -- one who has strong views against socialism and the path that Europe has taken (one he fears the U.S. might be on).

"I voted for Reagan. I voted for Clinton. I [select] who is honestly the best person at that time to run the country [and I] think there's problems on both sides of the aisle," he said, later adding, "I keep asking my far-left liberal friends to show me where socialism works -- show me where socialism has ever been successful."

Clearly, Sorbo isn't one for mincing words, calling political correctness a habit that is "absolutely destroying this country." As far as President Barack Obama goes, Sorbo believes he "has one of the worst records" this country has ever seen, despite being elected to a historic second term.

The actor is well aware of the fact that his views separate him from other entertainers. After all, he doesn't consider himself a part of the establishment. Plus, Sorbo admitted to TheBlaze that he's been blacklisted by those who disagree with his politics. Still, the actor notes that he gets along with people from all political standpoints and that he enjoys a good debate (throughout the interview, he made reference to the fact that he has liberal friends).

Considering his gripes, one might wonder why he continues acting -- something he also addressed. Despite the pitfalls, he loves being on set and making films and television, so much so that he looks past the industry's anger and negativity.

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Sorbo, who has made his fair share of family-friendly movies, encourages Christians and others who want to see more positive messages to continue voicing their support for faith-based and uplifting entertainment.

"It's all about making a buck," he said, claiming that the industry will respond to increased demand for more favorable messaging.

Sorbo continues to have a busy career. In addition to a book entitled, "True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal--and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life," the actor has a new movie called "Abel's Field." A description of the film reads:

Left motherless by tragedy and fatherless by abandonment, high school senior Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) is under enormous pressure to support his young twin sisters. At home, he has no one to turn to. At work, he struggles to earn enough money to make ends meet. And at school, he endures the daily bullying from members of the football team.

When Seth fights back, he's singled out by the football coach and assigned to an after-school work detail. Laboring alongside reserved groundskeeper Abel (Kevin Sorbo) to get the football field ready for the big game, Seth is surprised to discover that Abel understands his struggles … and his dreams. Abel encourages Seth to ask out popular Katie and even steps in to babysit so Seth can go out on the date. Yet as dark circumstances lure Seth toward a desperate decision, a reluctant Abel could be the one person who points him back toward the light.

Here's the trailer:

Sorbo tells TheBlaze that it is "a story about redemption [and] finding a place to forgive yourself."

Read more about the actor and his inspirational projects over on his official web site.

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