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Sheila Jackson Lee 'working on behalf' of her constituents by being seen on TV during SOTU


The National Journal reports that some lawmakers wait up to 12 hours to secure an aisle seat for the State of the Union address. A coveted aisle seat lends opportunity for congressmen to be seen on national TV glad-handing the president when he enters the House.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) is notorious for making sure she gets a seat in the aisle. But for her, it's a selfless act, she says:

“I’m always working on behalf of my constituents,” said Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, D-Texas, when asked why she stakes out an aisle seat each year. “I am working on their behalf, and they are seeing me work on their behalf. Many of them are moved by the moment.”

President Obama's SOTU address takes place Tuesday evening.

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