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You Knew This Would Happen: Poland Spring Water Releases Response to Rubio Speech


"Everyone gets thirsty..."

(Image: Poland Spring Facebook)

You might have enjoyed a bottle of Poland Spring or two in your day, but Florida Sen. Marco Rubio really put the natural spring water brand on the map Tuesday night with his infamous water break during his response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

Poland Spring has responded to its cameo role with this:

(Image: Poland Spring Facebook)

The spokesperson for Nestle Waters, which distributes the Maine-based water product, Jane Lazgin said to The Hill, "Everyone gets thirsty and we’re really glad Poland Spring was close at hand.”

Poland Spring became a Twitter meme after Rubio's sip. Here are some of the tweets that have come out in the Poland Spring conversation since:




Although the unexpected promotion was welcome, Lazgin told NBC News she is not sure if it will result in a sales bump for the product. Some think Poland Spring might have been too late with its response though to capitalize on its 15 minutes of free fame. Here's more on that from the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch and marketing manager of Impact Branding & Design John Bonini:

Poland Spring, a subsidiary of Nestlé (US:NSRGY)  (CH:NESN), could have also seen a direct bump of $3 million in sales, a small but not insignificant amount in its overall sales, Bonini estimates, calling it a social-media failure. “With consumer products, it’s all about getting the name stuck in your head like the song you heard on the radio,” he says. The way to do that, he says, was to send a public tweet in the heat of the moment. The company’s Twitter account @PolandSpringWtr (link) has seen nothing but tumbleweed since July 2010, when it tweeted: “Find out what we are doing to help preserve our national parks!”

Now there's one last place we'll have to wait and see if the Poland Spring meme will make it: Saturday Night Live. Let's see if they pick it up.

In case you missed Poland Spring's small role in Rubio's rebuttal to the SOTU address, check it out here:



(H/T: Business Insider)

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