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Beck Teases His 3-Day 'Man in the Moon' Event: America's Story Told Like Never Before

Photo Credit: GlennBeck.com

Glenn Beck's "Man in the Moon" event is still five months away, but the July 6 festivities intended to commemorate Independence Day are already attracting media attention.

Last week, TheBlaze provided key details about the coming stage event, noting that it will offer more than traditional fireworks and food. The effort extends beyond a single, celebratory event; it's a three-day initiative, which will include educational components and opportunities to serve. Intended to recapture the holiday's spirit and patriotism, "Man in the Moon" will provide families with the chance to coalesce to build a brighter future for America.

KUTV-TV recently sat down for an interview with Beck to speak further about the event. During the discussion, he detailed why he's organizing the experience. With negativity continuously raging in America's sociopolitical sphere, the radio and television host said he's looking for opportunities to "build something positive." He also noted that he's become "disgusted" by the antics coming from both sides of the political aisle.

"It's the same problem and it's the same story. It's just different faces. Either party. I'm bored with it. A better word than bored with it -- I'm disgusted by it," he said, later adding, "I could either sit back and home and say, 'Well, I told them so. I'm going away.' Or I could say, 'Alright I've done my part on that. Now, let's start to build something positive.'"

Photo Credit: GlennBeck.com

Beck teased the event, telling the outlet that attendees have not seen the history of America told in such a fashion before. From captivating story-telling to an unprecedented fireworks display, Beck promised a unique experience. In the end, the popular commentator believes that the event will inspire people to ask important questions of themselves.

"Hopefully, you'll go to church the next day and you'll say, 'What is it I do believe?' 'Why am I going to church?' -- or 'Why am I not going to church?' -- or 'Why am I working the way I am?' 'Why am I not spending more time with my family?,'" he said.

Watch Beck describe the event in his KUTV-TV interview, below:

"Man in the Moon" will be held at the USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tickets will be available this week on GlennBeck.com. Stay tuned, as additional event details will be published tomorrow on TheBlaze.com.



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