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Video: Syrian Child With a Dagger Apparently Caught Singing, 'Our Leader is Bin Laden, the Americans' Worst Nightmare


"We have brought slaughter upon you, and there will be no compromise."

(Photo: Screen Shot/MEMRI)

Disturbing video posted on the Internet on February 9 shows a Syrian child with a dagger being hoisted onto the shoulders of his adult compatriots, singing to a massive crowd about bringing "slaughter" upon America and his Syrian enemies.

The Middle East Media Research Institute, which translated and publicized the clip, does not say whether the young boy supports the Syrian rebels or President Bashar al-Assad.  However, certain lines of the song indicate he is one of the rebels.

"Just wait, you Alawite police, we have brought slaughter upon you, and there will be no compromise," for instance, appears to be a reference to the Alawite Assad family.

Here are some of other lyrics, via MEMRI (note: all lines that are repeated have been removed for easier reading):

All the soldiers have pledged their souls to Allah.

Our leader is Bin Laden, the Americans’ worst nightmare,

with the power of faith, and our weapon, the PK machine-gun,

We have destroyed America with a civilian airplane.

The World Trade Center was turned into rubble.

Just wait, you Alawite police,

We have brought slaughter upon you, and there will be no compromise.

They call me a terrorist – this is an honor for me.

Our terrorism is blessed, a divine call.

Say: “Allah Akbar.”

We will defend this village, we will not sell it out.

We will slaughter the Shiites in the towns of Kfariya and Fu’ah.

Say: “Allah Akbar.”

The United States has officially declared its support for the Syrian rebels, and has so far provided them with $365 million in economic aid.

Watch the entire video, via MEMRI (dagger waving begins around 2:00):

(H/T: WeaselZippers)



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