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Pregnant TX Teen Wins Battle to Prevent Her Parents From Forcing Her to Abort


"...her parents are very unpredictable."


Over the past week, a Texas teen has made headlines with a lawsuit aimed at preventing her parents from forcing her to have an abortion. Last week, TheBlaze reported that the 16-year-old girl, who is going by the name R.E.K. for the sake of anonymity, was in an epic battle to keep her child. Following days of intense media attention over a fascinating case surrounding teen reproductive rights, she has now settled with her parents, who say that they will allow her to have the child.

According to KRIV-TV, an agreement struck between the two parties says that the young girl, who is 10 weeks pregnant, will not be threatened by her parents with physical force. Additionally, they will return her car, pay her cell phone bill and cover half of her health insurance. Previously, she said that the phone and car were taken as retribution for her refusal to have an abortion.

Perhaps the most controversial portion of the agreement is the parents' decision to allow their daughter to marry the baby's father, 16-year-old Evan Madison.

Here's more about the concessions that have been made:

Released last week, the eight-page lawsuit that commenced the case detailed purported verbal abuse and claimed that the girl’s mother suggested potentially slipping her daughter an abortion pill. The teen also claimed that her father threatened to take her to have the procedure, saying that the decision was final — and one that she would have no say in.

In an interview following the resolution, Madison told KRIV-TV that he's happy the situation has been remedied.

"Emotionally and stressful it's been tough," Madison told the outlet. "We've had fights and arguments over all of this and what will happen next because her parents are very unpredictable."

The girl was represented by the Texas Center for Defense of Life.



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