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Stay Thirsty, My Friends: Rubio Pokes Fun at 'Watergate Gaffe,' Poses With Netanyahu & Water Bottles


"[T]he two toasted to the Florida Republican's now famous on-screen dip and sip..."

Florida Senator Marco Rubio during his meeting on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu poked a little fun at his much talked-about State of the Union water break:


“It was totally spontaneous following their more formal photos in front of the US and Israeli flags," a person who was in the room told Yahoo News. "Rubio was directed to his chair and then picked up his water, held it up and said ‘Cheers!’ When he sat down he quickly told the story of how he raised a bunch of money by selling water bottles following his SOTU response. The Prime Minister did the toast with the water bottle, and Sen. Rubio laughingly played along.”

Sen. Rubio discussed with Netanyahu the embattled country's "peace process" with Palestine and Egypt.

"I appreciate your support. I appreciate the tremendous support of the American people, bipartisan support for our security and our quest for peace," said Netanyahu. "It's a daunting task, both security and the quest for peace, but we know we have your support and we appreciate it. I look forward to talking with you about our challenges."

Rubio reiterated his commitment to keeping the bond between Israel and the U.S. strong.

"Well, you live in a challenging neighborhood but the Israeli-American relationship is one of the most important ones we have, and certainly our commitment to that partnership is bipartisan and it should remain that way," Rubio said. "And that's why I'm pleased the [President Barack Obama] is coming here in March."

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