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Texas Man Reportedly Draws His Gun After Someone Cuts in Line for Ammo


"We like to think that concealed handgun license holders are mature and responsible and courteous adults..."

(Photo: KCBD)

(Photo: KCBD)

A Texas man was arrested after drawing his gun in response to someone's decision to "cut" him in line, KCBD reports.  The strangest part of the story?  He was waiting to buy ammunition at the Gander Mountain store in Lubbock.

Apparently demand for ammunition has been so high at the store that people have been waiting in lines that stretch out the door.  When 51-year-old Ernesto Vasquez spotted someone not waiting their turn, he brandished his firearm and threatened the customer, according to eyewitnesses.

Police were called to the scene immediately and Vasquez was arrested.  He reportedly faces charges of aggravated assault.

(Photo: KCBD)

KCBD interviewed an NRA-certified concealed handgun license instructor on the matter, who pointed out that you should only draw your weapon "when you felt like your life was in danger or you were being robbed or sexually assaulted."

"Just being cut in line would not be any reason to produce a gun," Darla Granberry added.

Concealed handgun license holders have a tremendous amount of responsibility, she noted, and everyone wants to believe they are "mature and responsible and courteous adults."

Most of the time they are, but if so, "their response to an aggravation should not be the production of a gun," Grandberry concluded.

Texas keeps the information of concealed handgun license holders private, so it is unclear whether Vasquez actually had a permit.  If he did, it will likely be revoked after the Gander Mountain incident.

Here's KCBD's entire report:

KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock



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