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Can You Spot the Mistake on This Goalie's Star Wars-Themed Helmet?


Look closer, you must.

Photo source: Yahoo

Quick, take a look and see if you can spot the mistake on this helmet:

Photo source: Yahoo via Flyers Twitter

That's the new mask of Philadelphia Flyers net-minder Ilya Bryzgalov sent out on the team's Twitter account. Did you catch the flub? Take a closer look at Yoda's light saber. It's red. But red is the light saber color that's given to those who dabble in the dark side of the force. And before you go saying that it's possible Yoda just picked up the weapon of a fallen Sith, Yahoo has a Jedi mind trick for you:

Ah, you ponder, but what if Yoda simply stole that saber from a Sith he had sent into the Force ether?

Please recall that Yoda’s lightsaber was created to scale, fitting only his tiny space Muppet hands. Unless the Sith recruited some sinister Jawa as an apprentice, their sabres are not Yoda-sized.

Here's an example of some of those fight scenes:

The artist is Fran Drummond, who once said, “I’ve realized I’m more into clarity and detail.”

Still, it happens. And in the spirit of not giving into the dark side: forgive him, Star Wars fans must.

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