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Headline of the Day: Politically correct police state


Today's headline brought to you by NRO's Mark Steyn who found this gem in the Toronto Star:

 Here's a bit of the story (emphasis mine):

Const. Dameian Muirhead, 33, is charged with three counts of misconduct for his handling of a farm party turned ugly, where he was allegedly subjected to repeated racial slurs and told, “I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree.”

Muirhead, an eight-year veteran, was charged with insubordination and discreditable conduct over the way he allegedly investigated the party on the Victoria Day long weekend in May 2011. A partygoer lodged the complaint, saying he was rudely treated — but Muirhead also faces a neglect of duty charge for failing to properly investigate the racial remarks. ...

While Muirhead has yet to take the witness stand, the disciplinary panel heard from the man who lodged the complaint against the officer, Rheal Duguay, 41, who runs a landscaping and engine repair business in Aurora.

Duguay testified he was offended because Muirhead wouldn’t talk with him as he checked the licence plates of vehicles at the farm party.

Things got particularly ugly when Duguay’s $400 leather jacket fell from his motorcycle to the ground during the plate check and Muirhead ignored Duguay’s order to “Pick up my (expletive) jacket!”

At this point, according to Muirhead, the officer stepped back to de-escalate the tensions while a fellow officer and Duguay yelled at each other, with Duguay calling the officer an “(expletive) pig.”

Muirhead’s written defence said partygoers hurled racial taunts including comments on the darkness of his skin and “I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree.”

The prosecutor alleges Muirhead failed “to properly investigate an allegation that you made about Rheal Duguay which connected him to a person making racial remarks.”

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