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Is this the Democrats' next anti-gun proposal?


I know that some of our readers probably aren't fans of the animated series "South Park." I can't really blame them -- its story lines are usually over-the-top and laced with profanities. On occasion, however, the show offers up some pretty decent political commentary. I came across this video and thought it was especially poignant given the ongoing debate over guns and safety.

We've seen anti-gun Democrats makes some pretty radical statements lately, including a preferred reliance on rape whistles and the buddy system to ward off potential racists and robbers rather than firearms.  We've also been told that office supplies can be used to halt crazed mass murderers.  I wonder how long it will be until Democrats propose something like this...

INSecurity: A personal alarm system physically installed inside the user and triggered whenever the user feels unsafe or insecure.

Warning: Video contains a couple of bleeped naughty words.


Which would you rather have to keep your family safe: A gun or police with blankets & cocoa?
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