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CNN contributor sort of calls Justice Roberts a white supremacist


Following a Supreme Court hearing on the continuation of the Voting Rights Act yesterday, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin writes of Chief Justice John Roberts:

A justice's questions at oral argument do not always indicate how he is going to vote, but Roberts' record on these racial issues is already well-established.

What does this mean for the country? It depends on whether you believe, like Roberts, that the work of the civil rights movement is done. ...

[A]ffirmative action, in Roberts' view, has become discrimination against whites.

The country may be about to discover how America looks in the way that the chief justice wants to reshape it.

The Voting Rights Act, enacted in 1965, was established to... keep local governments from disenfranchising black voters. It prevents nine whole states and several other areas from changing their voting laws without first getting approval from the Justice Department.

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