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Lowry: Republicans 'don't have a chance' against 'celebrity' Obama


If the Republican Party is looking for optimism, it's not in Rich Lowry's latest column. The editor of the conservative National Review writes in Politico that things aren't good for the GOP and it'll likely stay that way for the foreseeable future:

The McCain ad dubbing Barack Obama the biggest celebrity in the world back in 2008 was deadly accurate. What Republicans didn’t consider is that being a celebrity is a priceless asset in contemporary America. Celebrities are the gods of our pop culture. We let them play by different rules. We read about them in magazines and watch them on TV.

We obsess over them and identify with them.

Two hundred and thirty members of the House don’t have a chance against a president, let alone a celebrity. This won’t change anytime soon. It is way too early to have a presidential candidate or even a presidential field, so the party lacks a head and therefore a unified voice.


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