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See Some of the Top Responses to Beck's #IWantTheBlazeBecause Twitter Campaign -- Did Yours Make It?


"#iwanttheblazebecause the sequester has ruined all my tv channels"

(Photo via Twitter/@ChristiChat)

On Monday TheBlaze launched a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #IWantTheBlazeBecause, asking members of the audience to fill in the blank with a message to their cable providers.

TheBlaze TV is currently only available online or through Dish Network, but the goal is that it be picked up by a wider variety of distributors.

In this particular social media push, Twitter users were invited to attach photos (work and schedule permitting) with the reason they want TheBlaze.

Here are some of the top responses to the hashtag, which has been trending on and off on Twitter:

(Photo: Twitter/@scubazuke)

(Photo: Twitter/@BigJoeBastardi)

(Photo: Twitter/@casmi96)

(Photo: Twitter/@lilmjo)

(Photo: Twitter/@TLucas1102)

(Photo: Twitter/@kuhb00m)

(Photo: Twitter/@nicole_louise)

(Photo: @Twitter/RIGHT_notRight)

(Photo: Twitter/@thejeffb52)

(Photo: Twitter/@ChristiChat)

(Photo: @Twitter/MJarrard2)

(Photo: Twitter/@ejbott)

The company's staff has been engaged in the campaign with equal fervor:

(Photo: Twitter/@glennbeck)

Jeff Fisher making a cameo on Glenn Beck's Twitter account (Photo: Twitter/@glennbeck)

TheBlaze front page editor Jon Seidl wants TheBlaze so he can keep his job. (Photo: Twitter/@jonseidl)

(Photo: Twitter/@StuOnTheBlaze)

(Photo: Twitter/@libertyTH)

The marketing company overseeing the "Get TheBlaze" push said last week that the response has been "the largest we've seen for a network in ten years."

In the two days after the campaign launched, TheBlaze audience put in 105,565 minutes — or the equivalent of 491 Oscar telecasts — on the phone with their cable distributors.  In the same time period, TheBlaze received more than 200,000 inquiries via email, a telephone hotline, and its web site.

If you want to see TheBlaze on your cable lineup, make your voice heard on social media, call 1-800-996-BLAZE, or visit

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