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Deeply disturbing: Rape victim responds to Colorado Democrat's 'statistics


Not surprisingly, the Colorado Democrat who told a rape survivor that "statistics are not on your side" when it comes to self-defense with a firearm is getting a bit of backlash. Such insensitive and factually questionable comments are nothing new to gun detractors, but the girl on the receiving end of those comments on Monday says they have deeply disturbed her.

"I had a hard time falling asleep because I couldn't stop thinking about what she [Hudak] said to me," Collins admitted to the Denver Post.  Since the state legislative hearing on Monday, Hudak has apologized for her comments, but Collins questions her motive for doing so.  "I don't know ho genuine it really was," Collins said of he apology.

Heartbreaking: Kate Whitney, left, clutches the hand of Amanda Collins, right, in tears after the Colorado Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee passed a bill that would ban concealed-carry weapons on college campuses. (Image: Daniel Petty/The Denver Post)

Others in the community have also joined Collins in speaking out in protest of Hudak's comments:

"It was outrageous," said Dave Kopel, a professor at the University of Denver law school and author of a law-school textbook on firearms law and policy.

Kopel said Hudak's statement displayed the senator's "self-righteous, ignorant bigotry."

After the 3-2 party line vote moving the bill forward, Hudak said the testimony was incredibly powerful, but her job was to keep the safety of all college campus students in mind.

"I feel so horrible for what some of these people have endured," Hudak said. " I am actually really looking out for their best interest."

Rule of thumb: If you have to constantly remind people that you're acting in their best interest, you probably aren't.

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